Hanshi Thomas L. Felder

Tigers (16 - ADULTS)

We offer adult and advance student training in Tensho Goju starting at 16 years through senior adult. The selected training is a vehicle for instilling students with knowledge and essential skills for survival on the streets and combat situations. Moreover, each session involves an intense physical workout that conditions and tones the body improving fitness levels, health and stress relief. The training encompasses a variety of developmental targets with technique delivery using hands, fingers, fist, forearms, elbows, head, knees and foot. In addition, conditioning applications are worked from standing, sitting, kneeling and ground positions for a full level of versatility.

Fighting Tigers (YOUTH 8 - 15)

Our youth training program is the foundation in developing youth ages 8 to 15 years old in Tensho Goju ideologies, concepts and theory. Master Felder is a motivator delivering positive attributes with many philosophies that keep students goal oriented to deter negative behavior patterns and negative thoughts. In addition, we place personal emphasis on education by encouraging our academy students to maintain academic level of A’s & B’s. This mental mindset combined with hundreds of self defense applications and Tensho Goju logic will give each student an advantage in a hostile situation.

Lil Tigers (YOUTH 5-7)

Our Lil Tigers program is an absolute fantastic foundation for younger children that are developing fundamental cognitive skills, as well as balance anc coordination. These Lil Tigers meet twice weekly in a group session under a curriculum specifically designed to help enhance their discipline, confidence, and respect to all. Parents will notice a gratifying difference as their child continues to grow in our academy as a posive light. Moreover, parents will have the opportunity to train with their child in the first session.

Cardio Defense Fitness Kick Boxing

Looking for a great way to tone your body and a chance to get in the best shape of your life? Join in on Felder’s Cardio Defense Fitness Kick Boxing sessions. A four phased training program that works practically every muscle group to quickly tone legs, arms, buttocks, chest, and abs, while improving cardio vascular levels.  Your training heart rate zone (target zone) is the range between 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate. Working within this zone gives you the maximum health and fat-burning benefits from your cardiovascular activity.


  • Total Body
  • Dynamic Abs
  • Legs , Butt and Thighs
  • Muscle Strengthening

Self Defense Seminars & Workshops

Each seminar consists of a short lecture on awareness and statistic, preventive measures, and followed by hands-to-hand instruction to effectively counter and/or detain various physical assaults that could involve sudden strikes, chokes, grabs, holds and ground attacks.

Schedule a private lesson for a small group 2 or more, or Seminar/Workshop for an organization with a minimum of 10 participants. Seminars/Workshops can be held at a site designated by the host or reserved at the Tensho Goju Academy Headquarters. Please complete the Enrollment Form on the main page and add the following in the Comments box:

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