Senior Training

The System

Tensho Goju interpreted as Heavens Breath Essence of Hard and Soft. It is a compilation of Goju Ryu, Chinese Goju, Tae Kwon Do, Aiki Jitsu and military hand-to-hand Combat. Tensho Goju delivers various combinations of hard and soft techniques for the purpose of eliminating single to multiple attackers. Tensho Goju is not considered a sport, it is a systematic discipline of martial defense techniques and applications valuable for overcoming street assaults and combat close quarter engagements.

The Go refers to hard striking techniques mostly executed with linear movement combining closed fist techniques e.g. straight punch, sun-fist, hammer fist and palm heel applications. Whereas, the Ju correlates to soft open hand techniques, such as the soft blocks joined with hand strikes in linear or circular patterns of movement. Moreover, extensive emphasis is placed on controlled breathing to promote a physical, mental and spiritual balance for accentuating power.

Aiki Jitsu was inherited from the Chinese Goju Black Dragon Aiki-Jitsu system, founded by Grandmaster Ron Van Clief. Aiki-Jitsu consists of close-quarter applications, such as joint manipulation, locks, bars, chokes and throws that makes a large percentage of the Tensho Goju system.

Thomas L. Felder (Peacemaker), a descendent of Chinese Goju founded the Tensho Goju system on January 1, 2009. Tensho Goju is a compilation of Goju Ryu, Chinese Goju, Aiki Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and Armed Forces Combative. Tensho Goju maintains its vigor of Goju Ryu with stances, breathing, strikes and several kata. Felder’s interpretation for Tensho can be best defined as “Rotating Palms of Hard and Soft". Tensho Goju embraces consistency and adaptation to the ever changing environment and human behavior. Defense is the primary objective of Tensho Goju and the ability to deliver immediate counter-applications that will render an antagonist defenseless.