Hanshi Thomas L. Felder

Belt Identification

All Tensho Goju Academy's or Dojo’s use a Kyu-Dan ranking system to honor those students that have excelled in knowledge, skill, discipline, courage, self-defense, fighting and weaponry. Advancing in rank is truly an honor and recognized by peers. Students are assessed individually and promoted when the instructor knows they are ready.

  Each belt has two distinct degree levels to identify junior and senior levels prior to advancement to a colored belt. There are eight (8) Kyu levels under Black Belt. See chart for identification. White belt is the beginning level at 8th Kyu and up to 1st Kyu Senior Brown Belt. The Dan levels are the black belt ranks.

First (1st ) and Second (2nd)Dan are Black Belt Sempai, which are assistant instructors considered to be serious students. A Third Dan (3rd ) is a bonified teacher level, usually earning the title “Sensei”. The Master level starts at Fifth Dan (5th). Please review the instructor Manual for further information.